The purpose of the existence of is to serve primarily as a memorial for those who served in Operation Just Cause. It also provides information about the Invasion, as well as through the forums a meeting place for Veterans of Just Cause, to communicate with each other. Facilitating get togethers, meetings, stories, etc.

Even smaller, short lived, operations such as Operation Just Cause, should not be allowed to be forgotten, or to fall by the wayside. This site will help prevent Operation Just Cause from being nothing more than a footnote in the History of the United States, and the World.

Let this site serve as a reminder that no conflict in which the United States Military participates, shall ever be forgotten. That the lives of the soldiers lost here and in other similar operations are just as important as any other.

The site is built largely in notepad by a by multiple individuals, with content provided by various participants of Just Cause and their invitees.