All 27 Operations objectives related to the Panamanian Defense Force were completed on D-Day: 20 December 1989; as initial forces moved to new objectives, follow-on forces from 7th Inf Div (L) moved into the western areas of Panama and into Panama City.

D-Day -1 19 Dec 89-

3d Bde, 7th Inf Div (L) (4/17 Inf), Already deployed as part of peacekeeping forces in the region, Deploy to predetermined positions. 2nd Bde, 7th Inf Div (L), Alerted for deployment. DRF 1 (3/27th Inf) and DRF 2 (2/27th INF) Deploys. D-Day 20 Dec 89

3d Bde, 7th Inf Div (L) (4/17 Inf) Begin operations in Colon City, the Canal Zone and Panama City. Remainder of the 2d Bde, 7th Inf Div (L)(3/17th Inf) Deploys and closes in Panama. Elements of the 317th and 314th Tactical Airlift Wings airdrop elements of the 75th Ranger Regiment on Rio Hato Airfield to neutralize a PDF unit, seize the runway, and secure Manuel Noriega's beachside facility. Special Operations Low Level (SOLL) II crews from the 317th then airland reinforcements. C141s airdrop/airland elements of the 317th Combat Control Squadron, 507th Tactical Air Control Squadron, and combat units of the 82nd Airborne Division on Torrijos-Tocumen airfield to seize the runway and control tower. 193d Infantry Brigade (Light) assaults Panamanian Defense Force (PDF) headquarters at La Commandancia, PDF Engineer Battalion, PDF 5th Company at Fort Amador, PDF units at Balboa and Ancon. D-Day + 1, 21 Dec 89

JCS directs execution of OPERATION PROMOTE LIBERTY (renamed from Plan Blind Logic). Panama Canal reopened for daylight operations. Refugee situation becomes critical. C Company, 5th Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment (193d Infantry Brigade) repels PDF counter-attack at the PDF DNTT headquarters and rescues Panamanian Vice President Ford whose convoy is also attacked TF Bayonet begins CMO in Panama City. Marriott Hotel secured and hostages evacuated. D-Day + 2, 22 Dec 89

FPP established. CMO and stability operations become primary focus. 2d Bde, 7th Inf Div (L), deploys to Rio Hato. 1st Bde (9th Regiment), 7th Inf Div (L), alerted for deployment. D-Day + 3, 23 Dec 89

International airport reopened. 2d Bde, 7th Inf Div (L) and SF elements begin ops in west. 96th CA Bn assumes responsibility for DC Camp from USARSO. 1st Bde (9th Regiment) 7th Inf Div (L) closes in Panama. D-Day + 4, 24 Dec 89

Noriega enters Papal Nunciatura. Money for Weapons program initiated. Combined U.S./FPP patrols begin. D-Day + 5, 25 Dec 89

Rangers secure David. Operations in western Panama continue successfully. D-Day + 14, 3 Jan 90 Noriega surrenders to U.S. forces.

D-Day + 23, 12 Jan 90 Operation JUST CAUSE ends. Above information[23]

D-Day + 4.5 years approx, September 94 Operation PROMOTE LIBERTY ends